Indonesian Netizens Wrongly Send Condolences to Anna Laura around the World


Condolences for the death of Edelenyi Laura aka Laura Anna on Wednesday (15/12/2021) are still pouring in on social media. Unfortunately, many have the wrong address, Indonesian netizens send their condolences to Anna Laura around the world.

Account of journalist and photographer Anna Laura. His account was flooded with condolences from Indonesian netizens. He was overwhelmed with too much.

Maybe because he was disturbed that he wrote information that he was not Laura Anna in the profile column. Even a few hours ago he posted on his feed the same information.

"I'm not Laura Anna from Indonesia!!! Please stop (sending condolences). Her Instagram account is @edlnlaura," the Brazilian woman wrote.

Another account being bombarded with condolences by netizens +62 is Anna-Laura Kummer from Austria. The founder of The Slow Label even had time to post Instagram Stories in Indonesian to provide information that he was not Laura Anna who died.

"Dear Indonesians, I'm not the dead Laura, you guys are wrong, so I beg you to stop commenting on my account," he wrote.

So, don't get me wrong. Here's Laura Anna's Instagram account if you want to convey your condolences:

To be known

Laura Anna died on Wednesday (15/12/2021) at Eka Hospital, Cibubur at 10.13 WIB. He died at the age of 21 after experiencing shortness of breath the day before.

Laura Anna's body has been cremated. The family plans to take Laura's ashes home to be buried for the next 40 days. Some will also be floated into the Ancol sea.

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