Get ready! 15 Free Games Will Be Distributed Epic Games Store This Month


Epic Game Store is rumored to be providing a variety of games to its fans for free. At least 15 free games can be obtained by gamers.

This was revealed from a game leaker with a BillBil-kun account on Dealabs, who previously leaked PlayStation Plus. He revealed that the Epic Games Store will voluntarily distribute 15 games for 15 consecutive days.

For the period starting from today, Thursday, December 16 to 30, 2021. However, until this information was circulated, they had not spoken up and the series of games in question had not been revealed.

It's just that, if fans visit the official Epic Games website, they will see an interesting event that is still a secret, of course, entitled Mystery Game. They are ready to open it in the evening, approximately at 23.00 WIB.

Meanwhile, players can have two free games that have been prepared and end tonight at 23.00 WIB. There's a Godfall Challenger Edition and a Prison Architect.

Godfall Challenger Edition

Godfall is a slasher style loot game. The setting of the place carries a fantasy world, which is full of knights and some mysterious magic.

Players will take on the role of the main character and have an adventure to save the world, from his brother who intends to destroy it. Each attack combo is presented like a hack and slash game in general, such as God of War or Darksiders.

Prison Architect

The last free game on the Epic Games Store is Prison Architect. This is a simulation game, build a prison full of creepy inmates. Players will assume the role of a warden and build their own prison.

Each cage can be customized and optimize the resources as best as possible. Do not allow fights or massive damage to the prisoners.

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