Employees Exposed to COVID-19, Apple Temporarily Closes Three Retail Stores


Apple has reportedly temporarily closed three of its physical stores in the United States and Canada. The reason is because there has been an increase in cases of the COVID-19 virus, including from Apple store employees who were also exposed.

According to a Bloomberg report, the stores are located in Annapolis (Annapolis Mall), Miami (Brickell City Center) and the Canadian capital Ottawa (Rideau Centre), all three will remain closed until December 18 or December 19, 2021.

It did not say how many Apple employees had contracted COVID-19. In a statement, the Cupertino tech giant said it regularly monitors the state of the pandemic and has comprehensive store safety initiatives that include daily health checks, masks, extra cleaning and paid sick leave.

All employees or workers must undergo a COVID-19 test before they return to their activities. There is no certainty how long the closure will continue as reported by us from The Verge.

However, with the infection rate rising and the uncertainty surrounding the new variant of Omicron, it is not surprising that a new wave is back.

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