A Row of Sophisticated Accessories from OPPO to Become an Activity Partner in 2022


Technological developments help humans in their activities in various aspects. In terms of telecommunications, the presence of smartphones and the internet as basic needs can no longer be denied.

The need for technology is now not only in the professional sector but also in other aspects, ranging from health, entertainment, to lifestyle. This is what makes OPPO create the latest technology through its best gadgets.

Not only smartphones, there are a number of other gadgets that can be combined to make it easier for us to do activities with the help of technology. Curious about anything? Check out the following reviews.

An Always Reliable Partner with OPPO Watch

Rows of Advanced Accessories from OPPO to Become an Activity Partner in 2022 Photo: Doc. OPPO

OPPO Watch offers a range of functions that can support people's modern lives and other daily needs. This box-shaped appearance will also make it easier for users to view content, such as photos.


OPPO Watch is available in two different sizes, namely 41mm and 46mm. Both are also equipped with AMOLED screens measuring 1.61 inches and 1.91 inches, respectively. Not only is the design unique, OPPO Watch also uses WearOS from Google, making this device like a smartwatch version of Android.

OPPO Watch has sports activity tracking features, ranging from simple ones like running and cycling, to quite unique ones like Yoga and Cricket. This device is equipped with hundreds of activity options that can be tracked and stored for easy access.

In addition to displaying various kinds of notifications from smartphones that are connected via bluetooth, OPPO Watch can also make phone calls easily with the built-in microphone.

Maximize Your Smart Lifestyle with OPPO Band

The smartwatch trend is now not only for fashion purposes, but is also supported by various excellent features. OPPO Band as a wearable smart device in the OPPO ecosystem has various functions to support a smart lifestyle.

For example, the SpO2 feature that monitors blood oxygen levels for 24 hours, as well as 12 exercise modes that support an active lifestyle. Not only functional, the OPPO Band also has an exotic appearance with a luxurious 1.1-inch AMOLED type screen and 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut.

In terms of battery power, only by charging for 1.5 hours you can make this smartwatch active in use for 12 days.

Enjoy Unlimited Music with OPPO Enco Series

Music is one of the most powerful relaxation methods for creating many pleasurable situations. Therefore, listening to music should be comfortable and without the slightest disturbance.

OPPO Enco Air & Enco Buds deliver outstanding music quality so that users will have a perfect music listening experience. Equipped with an HD drive with a more dynamic bass, this device from OPPO can be relied on as a partner for non-stop entertainment. There is also a Game Mode that will create an extraordinary atmosphere from the game you are playing.

Have an optimal immersive entertainment & productivity experience in 2022 with OPPO's best IoT options.

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