WhatsApp Business Has New Features to Reach Consumers


Facebook and Instagram have services and features that make it easy for users to grow their business online. A similar capability is now presented by WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business service is given a new feature that makes it easier for users to search for the nearest business directly within the application.

A few months ago WhatsApp also released a new feature, namely a business directory for limited users in Sao Paulo, which makes it easier for users to find stores and location services stylized as Yellow Pages.

This is a new way to quickly find new business accounts on WhatsApp. So users can later search for information such as hotels, restaurants, groceries or clothes without leaving the WhatsApp application.

So when a user searches for something on WhatsApp this messaging app will show different categories including Photos, Videos, Links, GIFs, Audios, and Documents as per the user wants.

"When you search for something within WhatsApp, there will be a new section called "Business Nearby": when you select a category, business account results will be filtered based on your selection," reads the report from WABetaInfo.

Previously WhatsApp also launched a new chat shortcut to the 'Quick Reply' feature which will make it easier to chat or chat with customers. These will be features that businesses are looking forward to as it makes it easier for their business to be more visible to consumers.

Reported by us from Geo.TV this feature will be available for Android and iOS users released in Sao Paulo first which is then planned to be released widely.

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