Aromatherapy Candles Have No Smell, Could You Get COVID-19?


Many netizens went berserk because the aromatherapy candles they bought had 'no smell'. This incident attacked many aromatherapy candle production companies, including the famous Yankee Candle in the United States.

Even though it could be... those who grumble are getting COVID-19. As we know, COVID-19 is sweeping the world and one of the symptoms of this Sars-CoV-2 virus infection is the inability to smell. But for the record, this is just a guess and analysis from one netizen named Kate Petrova.

From his Twitter account bio, he introduced himself as a graduate of the Affective science program from Stanford University and a graduate of the Psychophysiology Lab at Harvard University.

"While others have stated that the scent of these candles is quite faint, I believe mine had very little or no smell. I would have used it more as a light than I did to make my room have any kind of scent," wrote one reviewer. .

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"It has no fragrance. I am very disappointed and I will return it to the store and replace it with another scent," said another review.

Although this may be due to COVID-19, of course this allegation still requires further investigation. But the graphics from Kate Petrova are interesting to look at.

"Could it be due to COVID-related loss of smell? To investigate, I plotted reviews of the 3 most popular unscented candles on Amazon*, and the differences are quite striking 3/n. *One thing to note: fewer reviews are available for unscented candles than flavorful ones," he said.

Still not done investigating, Petrova decided to consider reviews that specifically mention the lack of fragrance, and measure the data. Since not enough people wrote full reviews of candles, he expanded it to include the top five scented candles from four different brands.

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