Login and Celebrate the 2022 New Year's Party in Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!


Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! will hold a fireworks party and special events ahead of the turn of 2022. Are you sure you don't want to join?

Simply by logging in and playing every day, players can get various Development Items. In addition, there is also a special item called the New Year Treasure Map.

The event lasts until January 5, 2022. So make sure players are logged in during the event period.

Fairy Tail New Year Event Details: Forces Unite!

New year's special Daily Login event will give you lots of interesting items. Is there anything really? Starting from Selectable Wafer, Wizard Training Card, Silver Coin, Partner Training Card, Blue Obsidian, Toys Gift Box and Adv. Heart of Furnace.

Don't forget to Claim New Year Treasure Map, to get random extra gifts. This special Treasure Map, can be combined to get even higher rewards, such as:

New Year Treasure Map (Normal):

Blue Obsidian

Magic Fragment S (Purple)

Magic Fragment S (Blue)

Hello Energy

Hello Badges

Crude Select Box

Silver Coin

New Year Treasure Map (Advance):

Blue Obsidian

Selectable Wafers

Fierce Skill Fragment

Resist Skill Fragment

Skill of Will Fragment

Lv.3 Gems

Silver Coin

Crude Select Box, and

Intellectual Textbook (Bind)

Make sure you log in and play Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!, at the turn of the year 2022. So that you can watch the fireworks and also get special prizes in the game.

A little information, that there is a new Legendary Magic Beast, namely CoCo. Unlike the others, he is a Healer-type Magic Beast.

This CoCo can provide recovery to his teammates, at the expense of their HP. Making it one of the Magic Beast Supports to watch out for.

You can get Legendary Magic Beast CoCo, through a special event called Magic Draw. It will take place from December 24, 2021 to January 6, 2022. So don't forget to login and check the details for Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!.

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