Check out the Benefits of the 5G Network on OPPO Reno6, What Can It Do?

 The world of the internet is developing so rapidly, and now 5G technology, which is a new fifth generation breakthrough, can improve connectivity and data transmission.

The 5G network is predicted to have download speeds many times higher than the 4G network. In addition, increased transmission will provide many benefits for both consumers and industrial segments.

For example, OPPO as one of the leading smartphone brands launched the OPPO Reno6 Series 5G line that supports 5G connections.

In addition to supporting 5G connections, the OPPO Reno6 5G line also provides a number of features that support photography, videography, content creators, and playing games. Of course, all of these features take advantage of the convenience of the 5G network.

But what exactly are the advantages of this 5G connection? Check out his review in the following article.

1. Faster Data Transfer

Every leap from the old generation to the new generation must always be followed by a surge of improvement. In this case, a 5G connection offers a significant increase in data transfer speeds compared to a 4G network.

The 5G network is claimed to be 100x faster than the 4G network. This means that if a 4G connection has a speed of 100 Mbps to 1Gbps, a 5G connection has a speed of 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. The increase in data transfer is also called the most significant intergenerational speed spike to date.

2. Faster & Efficient Daily Activities

With the increased speed offered by a 5G connection, of course, it will be easier for us to carry out daily activities, such as browsing, playing online games, downloading files, streaming, and so on.

Files that previously took 10 minutes to download now only take about 1 minute. Therefore, all activities related to the internet network will take place more quickly and efficiently thanks to this new network technology.

3. More Efficient Battery Power

The advantage of 5G signals that many people might not expect is that they are more energy efficient than 4G networks. This latest cellular network technology can save battery consumption of 5G devices used by up to 10%.

This may not be a significant thing, considering that there are already many smartphones that have a battery power above 5,000 mAh which is a very power efficient feature of the chipset used. Even so, the additional power savings of 5G signal technology can still be a significant advantage, especially for users who have high mobility.

4. Wider Network Coverage

Besides the much faster data transfer speed, another major advantage of the 5G network is its wider network coverage. This means that 5G devices don't have to work too hard to find a different signal from devices that still use 4G and 3G signals. Thus, the performance burden of the 5G device is lighter which has an impact on power efficiency as previously mentioned.

This wider network coverage can also be a solution for the weakness of the 4G network, namely the uneven coverage of network locations throughout the country. This means that the 5G signal can not only be enjoyed by urban communities but also by rural communities.

5. Smoother and Smoother Gaming

This may be one of the attractions of the 5G network that gamers have been waiting for. The 5G connection has very low latency/ping, so gaming activities will run smoothly and without lag.

This is especially important for competitive gamers or e-Sports athletes. Just a fraction of a second difference can affect the outcome of the match. With a 5G connection, gamers can always be one step ahead and ahead of their opponents.

Of course, to be able to maximize the benefits above, you need a capable device as well. Seeing this potential, this latest smartphone from OPPO comes in two variants, namely OPPO Reno6 5G and OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G. Each variant also has two different versions of the kitchen runway, namely the MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G and Snapdragon 870 5G.

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