Commotion! Baby Goats Born With Human Faces

A farmer in India couldn't believe his eyes when one of his goats gave birth to a 'mutant' child because his face resembled a human baby.

Shankar Das owns a farm in Gangapur Village in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. After one of the goats gave birth to a child like a human baby, news immediately spread throughout the village and photos of the poor baby goat went viral online.

"Neighbors flocked to our house. Everyone was surprised to see a baby goat with the face of a human baby," said Shankar as quoted from Metro, Thursday (12/30/2021).

He said this was the second time the goat gave birth. In the first birth, the form of a goat that was born normal. Unfortunately, the young goat could only survive for a short time and then died shortly after being born.

What made the birth of this goat shocked the village, because in India there is a belief that the birth of a deformed animal is a bad omen or bad luck.

"In many areas, this is a warning. People see that the birth of this mutant goat is a sign from God," said one of Shankar's neighbors.

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