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With the presence of the latest Zata Sunlight God Skin, the Sunlight Skin Lineup in the Arena of Valor (AOV) has increased again. Previously, it had released several Sunlight-themed cosmetics, such as Allain Sunlight God and Ilumia High Priest of Sunlight.

Designed with a bright orange color, Zata Sunlight God looks more manly and charming. Not only that, this handsome skin is also themed with the feel of Ancient Egypt, which is modified with a modern design.

Challengers can get it at a special price, in the Lucky Wheel Event which takes place from December 29, 2021 to January 13, 2022. Challengers also have the opportunity to win a Jackpot with a prize of 999 Vouchers.

Not only that, for those of you who like Sunlight God's various Skin editions, you can download the Splash Art Sunlight God Skin HD below for free for you!

Zata Sunlight God

This is the latest skin from Zata with a very stunning effect. Zata is a Midlaner Hero with extraordinary abilities, where he can fly through the air and attack his opponents.

Zata is one of the heroes that is quite often chosen in Ranked or Tournament. Due to the high mobility and damage output.

You can also get this latest Skin, from the Lucky Wheel Event which will take place from December 29, 2021. 

Allain Sunlight God

King of Dark Slayer Lane, Allain also looks cool with his Sunlight God-themed Skin. Allain is a hero with special abilities.

Where he can produce Physical, Magic and True Damage attacks at the same time. 

Ilumia High Priest of Sunlight

One of the favorite heroes of the Challengers. Not only is it a beautiful design, Ilumia also has the extraordinary ability to attack all enemies without distance limitations.

His Ultimate Skill, Cataclysm, can deal high damage and also a stun effect. This High Priest of Sunlight skin, makes the effect of the Ilumia Skill even cooler when used in battle. 

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