Chip scarcity makes Nintendo cut production in 2022


The shortage of global chips is still ongoing and of course has an unfavorable impact on technology companies, one of which is Nintendo.

Reported by us from Ubergizmo, Thursday (12/30/2021) Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa warned that this global shortage of chips will affect supply.

He sees Nintendo having strong sales performance towards the end of 2021, but by 2022 it is unlikely that it will be able to meet consumer demand.

"It will depend on demand, but as I fear, we won't be able to make the number of units we want." he said.

Nintendo initially targeted that it would ship as many as 25.5 million units for the fiscal year ending in March. However, for 2022 they lowered it to 24 million.

Nintendo's move shows that the company is concerned it won't be able to meet consumer demand and doesn't want to provide investors with exact figures they can't meet.

This also seems to be making it difficult for many consumers to get products from Nintendo, such as the Nintendo Switch, whose existence will be as rare as the PlayStation 5.

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