COVID-19 Cases Rise, Apple Delays Work and Distributes Employee Bonuses


Apple is delaying the time its employees have to return to the office. Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to staff on Wednesday (15/12) saying a date for returning to work had yet to be determined. In the email, Cook also encouraged all of his employees to be vaccinated against the Corona virus.

"As we look forward to more teams getting together again, we will continue to make decisions based on local conditions and will definitely notify you at least four weeks before starting trials," the email reads as quoted by us from The Verge.

Workers were previously set to return to work on February 1, which was announced internally in November. This isn't the first time Apple has delayed employee check-ins to return to the office.

The delay occurred as COVID-19 cases increased and the Omicron variant began to spread. And recently, Apple has temporarily closed three of its retail stores in response to rising COVID-19 infections in the US and Canada.

In addition, Cook also announced that Apple will give all its employees a bonus of USD 1000  which can be used for work from home needs. Apple spokesman Nick Leahy has confirmed that the bonus will apply to all Apple employees including retail workers.

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