Free Fire Returns to the Mystery Shop, What's Up?


Free Fire is back with the Mystery Shop event, where discounts are up to 90%. This has indeed become one of the events that the Survivors have been waiting for.

Exactly today, Friday, December 17, 2021, the event has finally returned to the game. Players can find the Mystery Shop itself, until December 26, 2021. Of course, this is a golden opportunity that cannot be missed.

Various items such as Emotes, Gun Skin Boxes, Backpacks, to Evo Gun Tokens can be purchased at large and equally discounted prices. Not only that, the same promo will also be found for the main prize of the Mystery Shop this time, Bundle The T.R.A.P. Alpha and The T.R.A.P. Primo.

Before entering the main page, players will be required to test their luck. By determining how much, the discount that can be obtained at this Mystery Shop event.

Then players can immediately buy a series of prizes that are presented. However, something is different if players want to buy The T.R.A.P. Alpha and The T.R.A.P. Primo, which becomes the Bundle or main prize in the current event.

To be able to buy both Bundles, Survivors are required to spend Diamonds, according to the required number of milestones. The large number can be found on the right of the Bundle image.

After the milestone is met, then players can buy The T.R.A.P Bundle. Alpha and The T.R.A.P. Primo. With the same discounted price as other items, which of course are much cheaper than the original price.

The opportunity to get a series of items at low and low prices, don't miss it. You can participate in the December Mystery Shop event, which is only available for a limited time!

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