Data Center Hacked for Crypto Mining, Hackers Get SD 110 thousand


Between December 9 and 17, 2021, a data center containing HP servers became the largest contributor to the Raptoreum blockchain. Even at its peak, the data center generated the most crypto money than any other miner.

Apparently on that date, the data center was being hacked and controlled by hackers. The hacker used the HP data center to mine the Raptoreum cryptocurrency, and made around USD 110 thousand.

It is not known whose data center was hacked, but it is likely that they were one of hundreds of companies that reported themselves as victims of the Log4J loophole, which had become a hot topic of discussion, including Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

The first Log4J vulnerability was discovered in early December, and this loophole allows hackers to infiltrate certain codes into the victim's system. Currently, the gap has been patched, to be precise on December 17, which coincided with the cessation of Raptoreum mining at the data center.

Even so, there is still one server that is still mining. There are several possibilities, namely maybe the server hasn't updated the patch, or maybe it's been used as a honeypot, or intentionally left for investigation purposes and so on.

The Raptoreum blockchain uses the GhostRider algorithm as a base. This algorithm is what makes the HP server hacked, because the server uses an AMD Epyc processor. What is the relation?

Apparently GhostRider 'really likes' the Epyc processor because of its large L3 cache capacity, so that the use of this processor for mining will be more effective and generate greater profits, especially on processors with 256MB L3 cache and 32 or more cores.

The HP server that became the victim, as a result of an informal investigation carried out by the Raptoreum developer, is an HP 9000 series server that uses an Epyc processor, as quoted by Techspot, Tuesday (12/28/2021).

As long as the HP server was hacked and used for mining, the results obtained reached 3.4 million RTM, which was valued at USD 110 thousand. So far the hacker has sold half of it to CoinEx and kept half of it. However, the value of the stored Raptoreum has decreased slightly compared to before.

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