Enzo's New Skin Discount: Mountaineer Arena of Vaor Nearing the End of the Year


To accompany your end of the year, Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) again presents a Super Sale, until December 30, 2021. There is a special discount for Challengers, to get the newest Skin Enzo: Mountaineer.

In addition, other Heroes or Skins at attractive prices during the event. The main prize of this event will change every 4 hours.

Players can login at certain hours. The goal is to see items and special prices that are being offered. Not only skin Enzo: Mountaineer, you can also buy other special Skins.

Is there anyone? Such as Tulen Cosmos: Astral Walker, Omen: Moonlight, Krixi: White Swan, Grakk: Snowsickle and many more. These skins get a super big discount of up to 83%.

Meanwhile, Garena AOV is also holding various interesting events. Where there are many super cool prizes that can be obtained by all players.

Starting from credit, Free Skin Baldum, to Battle Effects and other Permanent Avatars. There is also Codex Season 37, which gives fans the opportunity to get the Snow Festival Skin.

Get Ryoma, Wisp, and Rouie's newest Snow Festival Skin by opening Codex Seasn 37 now. In addition to the three of their Skins, you will also get a Winter Special Battle Effect, Hero Selector and various other attractive prizes.

Save the date and don't miss the interesting offers at the end of this year, Challengers. Don't forget to set your alarm or reminder every 4 hours and log in to your AOV!

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