Get the Newest Super Cool Weapon Skin on Free Fire!


Scythe is the newest melee weapon in Free Fire. Has a very large form, when compared to other melee weapons. Its presence is indeed used as a favorite weapon for some players.

How not, Scythe has the farthest attack distance for melee weapons. Able to be used as the ultimate weapon, if you do not have adequate firearms to fire.

Today, the weapon has a new skin. Having the name Scythe - Moco's Arc, Survivors can find it in the latest Free Fire event called BullsEye.

Players will be presented with various prizes besides Scythe - Moco's Arc. How to play is also quite easy, there will be a total of nine prizes prepared in this event.

Later it will be randomized and all players have to do is guess where the Scythe - Moco's Arc skin is located. Each guess eats more Diamonds.

At first guess, you will only need nine Diamonds. This means, if you are lucky, you can collect the Scythe skin - Moco's Arc for only that price.

In addition, because there are only nine prizes, players will only be able to spin up to a maximum of nine spins. Taking place from today, December 14, 2021, the BullsEye event will not last long. Players will only be able to find it until December 20, 2021.

When it comes to Scythe - Moco's Arc, as the name suggests, this skin has a color theme, which is similar to the Moco character in Free Fire. Then what's interesting is that players can show off in the Lobby before playing.

With a charming skin and adding to the dashing Scythe melee weapon, don't miss out on getting the Scythe skin - Moco's Arc. Remember to get it in the ongoing BullsEye event on Free Fire.

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