Google Doodle Welcomes New Year's Eve 2022


Google Doodle is already preparing to welcome the New Year's 2022. The Google logo on its search page has been decorated with knick-knacks typical of the New Year's Eve party.

December 31st, the last day of the year that is celebrated as New Year's Eve around the world. Google has kicked off the celebrations with cute and adorable doodles on its search page.

Google letters surrounded by colorful lights. The letter G is pinned with a conical hat, while in the middle O there is a candy package that says 2022.

As soon as we click on the Google logo, we are immediately taken to the New Year's Eve page. Then suddenly a colorful paper appeared from the top of the screen.

"This is the end for 2021 - Happy New Year's Eve!," wrote Google.

And like the previous year, Google decorated its search page with animated confetti cones placed on the right-hand knowledge panel. When clicked it will emit a small eruption accompanied by a scattering of colorful paper and the sound of trumpets.

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