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Owning a smart TV is no longer just a dream. People can now realize their dream of bringing smart televisions into their living rooms without worrying about a hole in their wallet.

All thanks to the presence of cheap Android TV on the market

Although the price is affordable, the experience of enjoying entertainment is still maximum. Because not only can they watch digital TV broadcasts, users can install various Android applications to maximize entertainment at home.

Throughout this year quite a lot of Android-based television series offered by electronic vendors. Here are the 5 best cheap Android TVs in 2021:

1. Coocaa S7G

The Coocaa S7G runs the Android 11 operating system. This TV also offers a bezel-less design that widens the eye.

Coocaa features Trochilus Extreme 2.0 image processing, HDR 10 support, and Flicker Free for eye protection

Users can use the Ok Google command without using the remote. While the audio is equipped with speakers that support DTS Studio Sound and Dolby Digital Plus. This television is equipped with DVB-T2 to capture digital TV broadcasts.

2. Realme Smart TV 4K

Realme Smart TV 4K comes in a 50-inch screen size. Having a thin bezel of only 2.6 mm, this makes the screen to body ratio reach 97.2% which provides a wide experience without limits while watching.

The panel is so impressive even though it still uses LEDs. Even more leverage thanks to the Chroma Boost Picture Engine feature that can provide details, brightness and colors that are similar to the original.

This TV gives the sensation of watching in the cinema thanks to the support of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology.

3. Hisense E7G

Hisense E7G Ultra Dimming Technology that displays bright images. Combined with Depth Enhancer and Super Contrast technology which can produce images with richer and more prominent colors.

Users are given a brightness setting of up to 350nit, as well as an intelligent algorithm that automatically adjusts changes in light so that images are more real and natural. Increasingly maximizing TV entertainment is equipped with Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Hisense has also equipped the E7G with Sports or Game mode so that the experience of watching sports shows or playing console games is even more satisfying.

4. Sharp C42BG1i

Sharp C43BG1i is powered by the X2 Master Engine processor capable of combining contrasting colors in dark and bright areas that are better detected by the eye and spoil the power of vision.

The backlight and color panel are also upgraded to provide a 123% wider color gamut, giving access to colors that exist naturally in the world.

Interestingly, this TV has an Azan Reminder so users can worship on time. In addition, Sharp provides a 5-year warranty for LED TV panels and spare parts.

5. TCL A20

The TCL A20 is one of the first smart TVs in Indonesia with the Android 11 system. The Hands-Free Voice Control 2.0 feature allows users to control TVs and smart home devices at home using voice.

There is also Dolby Vision and Atmos support that will pamper users with a high-quality cinematic experience and immersive audio.

Not only that, the A20 series uses MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation) motion image processing technology. MEMC ensures smoother, less blurry, and more stable images during sports broadcasts and fast-paced, action-packed scenes.

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