I propose you with... Bitcoin

 Bitcoin and other cryptos are gaining popularity. It is not surprising that in the end the story of the bride and groom who chose to use Bitcoin as an offering to the woman emerged.

In summary, here are some couples who decide to use cryptocurrency as a dowry or offering for women. Do you think you are inspired?

1. Radja Muh Hasbi and A Bau Tentri Abeng

A Bau Tentri Abeng married Radja Muh Hasbi with 2 pieces of Bitcoin whose value reached Rp. 1.7 billion at that time. Both applications and contracts took place in Makassar.

"Yes, the application used Bitcoin. He applied for 2 Bitcoins," said the bride's relative, Mismaya Alkhairat, to us.

2. Jordan Simanjuntak and Johana Dwi Utami

Jordan Simanjuntak and Johana Dwi Utami agreed to make Bitcoin a symbol of their love for marriage in their household. The amount of Bitcoin they make as a dowry according to the date of the wedding is 1.11122021 if you refer to the value of Bitcoin as of December 11, 2021. Jordan Simanjuntak and Johana Dwi Utami

3. Fajar Widi and Mustika

Fajar Widi and his partner married with a dowry of one Bitcoin. Fajar said that since he bought Bitcoin as a dowry, the price has continued to soar. They got married in November 2017,

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