Instagram Profile of Ivan Gunawan's Children, Miracle and Marvelous


Netizens are in an uproar because Ivan Gunawan admits that he has two children whom he named Miracle 'Eqqel' Putra Gunawan and Marvelous 'Marvel' Putra Gunawan. The two children are 'spirit dolls' who he treats like normal children.

Ivan Gunawan wrote that Eqqel was present on December 16, 2021 and his second child, Marvel, was present on December 23, 2021. Unmitigated, they have their own manager. Both Instagram accounts are named with the username @anakputramahkota.

The following is the profile of the Instagram account @anakputramahkota, this baby boy who is familiarly called Igun:

1. Number of followers

When this news was written, Instagram @anakputramahkota already has 37.3 thousand followers and only follows 16 accounts. The number of followers of Baby Eqqel and Baby Marvel has continued to increase drastically since the first account was created.

2. First upload

"Hi uncle & aunty .... this is my account ... papah @ivan_gunawan who made it for me," it was written in the caption for the first upload of the account.

It is stated that the upload has existed since one week ago and has received many comments from netizens.

3. Ask netizens to appreciate the presence of Baby Eqqel

Through an upload again on December 20, 2021, it was written that Igun asked netizens to respect his decision to live with Baby Eqqel.

"So if you object to the presence of eqqel in my life... it's none of my business, but if your comments are troubling, I'll keep an eye on it," wrote Igun, which was finally affixed with an angry emoji.

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