Very Sold, Nintendo Switch Will Overthrow PlayStation?

Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling handheld consoles in the world. Succeeded in collecting total sellers of up to 100.72 million units, where the addition was about 1.3 million units in the last week as of December 18th.

This number has increased since it was last revealed that they were able to attract gamers to buy 92.87 units. Obviously this is close to its sibling, the Nintendo Wii, where it has sold 101.63 million units.

These results have brought Nintendo Switch into the list of seven video game platforms that have surpassed sales of 100 million units and are ready to become the most popular console. For the other champions who dominate, including the PS2, DS Game Boy, PS4, PS1 and Nintendo Wii, we quoted from VGChartz, Wednesday (29/12/2021).

Since its initial launch, to attract fans, this console has been helped by popular games such as Breath of The Wild and Mario Kart 8. Then it started to soar, when Monster Hunter Rise, Pokemon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing: New Horizon visited the Nintendo Switch in recent years.

Its innovative appearance compared to its predecessors is another reason why gamers love it so much. It also attracted the attention of developers, to implement their games on consoles made by Nintendo, such as The Withcer 3: Wild Hunt, Doom and Skyrim.

Action since its release until now, giving him a great possibility to surpass the Nintendo Wii. Moreover, the number of sales, which is not too far away, is only around 1 million.

Even so, if they want to win the title as the best-selling console of all time, Nintendo still has to put extra effort into promoting their handheld console. Because Sony's video game platform still dominates in terms of sales.

Noted, PS1 managed to collect 102.5 million units. Then the PS4 is at 116.4 million units. While the first position is still held by PS2, where gamers have bought up to 157.68 million units.

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