Instagram Will Prioritize Reels in 2022

 Instagram boss Adam Mosseri revealed several things that will become Instagram's new priorities in 2022. Instagram itself has been hit by several controversies throughout 2021.

"We have to rethink what Instagram is because the world is changing fast and we have to change with it," Mosseri said in a video posted on Twitter, as quoted from Engadget, Friday (12/31/2021).

From the video, Mosseri explains Instagram's three focuses in 2022, namely video, creators, and transparency. To stay relevant, Instagram will emphasize its focus on video, especially Reels.

Mosseri said Instagram will combine all video formats around Reels and will continue to develop the product of the TikTok competitor.

Instagram itself in recent months has brought a lot of changes around video content. One of them was when they turned off IGTV to bring long videos to the main feed.

As for creators, Mosseri said Instagram will roll out more monetization features to help creators earn money.

2022 Priorities

This next year is going to be pivotal for Instagram. In addition to our industry-leading safety and wellbeing efforts, we're focused on these four key priorities.

Hope you're all able to get some rest over the holidays. See you in the New Year!

— Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) December 28, 2021

In addition, Mosseri said Instagram will focus more on messaging and transparency features in 2022. Meta's platform will also give users more control.

"We think it's important for people to understand how Instagram works, if they want to shape it the way they want it, or what's best for them," he said.

One potential privacy feature that has been announced by Instagram is parental control which will be launched in March 2022. Users can also arrange their feeds in chronological order or follow an algorithm.

2021 is a year full of trials for Instagram. In September, leaked internal Instagram documents revealed how the social media app had a toxic impact on teen users, especially teen girls.

That report, and others leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen, led to Instagram being dragged into testifying before the US Senate. In his testimony, Mosseri said Instagram would offer third-party researchers access to data so they could design their own studies and examine its impact on young people.

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