Apple Laws iPhone Manufacturers in India Following Food Poisoning Cases

 Apple 'punished' Foxconn's iPhone factory in South India by placing it on probation following protests over food poisoning and employee living conditions.

The iPhone manufacturer did not explain what the probation period was and when this sentence would end. But a spokesperson for Apple in India said they would ensure all stringent standards are met before factories can reopen.

Foxconn's factory in Tamil Nadu has approximately 17,000 employees. Last week the factory became the target of employee demonstrations after hundreds of female employees living in one of the employee dormitories had to be treated for food poisoning and more than 100 people had to be hospitalized.

The local government also stepped in and asked Foxconn to review the services provided to employees. Apple then deployed an independent auditor to assess the situation after concerns arose about the suitability of the food and accommodation conditions.

"We found that some dormitory accommodations and dining rooms used for employees did not meet our requirements and we are working with suppliers to ensure a comprehensive set of corrective actions are implemented quickly," an Apple spokesperson said. /2021).

After protests by employees, Foxconn's factory located in the city of Sriperumbudur was closed on December 18. Apple and Foxconn did not say when the factories would reopen.

A Foxconn spokesman said the company was investigating the matter and found some of the off-site boarding facilities did not meet the required standards.

"We are very sorry for the problems our employees are experiencing and are taking immediate steps to improve the facilities and services we provide at our boarding accommodations," a Foxconn spokesperson said.

The Taiwanese company, which is also one of the major iPhone assembly partners, also said it would restructure the local team and management system in order to achieve and maintain high standards.

"All employees will continue to be paid while we make any necessary upgrades prior to restarting our operations and we will continue to provide support to our employees as they return to work," a Foxconn spokesperson said.

In recent years, Apple has increased its iPhone production capacity in India. The Foxconn factory is one of the facilities that produces the iPhone 12, and is currently testing the production of the iPhone 13.

This isn't the first time Apple has had to step in to deal with troubled partner factories. Last year they put the Wistron plant in India on probation following employee protests and riots over poor working conditions and unpaid wages.

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