Ironic, iPhone prices are exorbitant but the factory is full of diseases


The closure of the Foxconn iPhone manufacturing plant in India turned out to be a big problem, namely the poor living conditions of Foxconn iPhone assemblers.

The Foxconn factory in question, located in South India, in the city of Chennai, stopped operating after hundreds of its workers were hospitalized due to food poisoning, which then sparked demonstrations from other workers who were not food poisoning.

In an investigation conducted by Reuters, it was revealed that the living conditions of the workers at the factory were pathetic. The female workers who work there have to live in dormitories without flushable toilets, as well as food that is sometimes infested with maggots.

In the investigation, Reuters spoke to six women who worked at the iPhone assembly factory. Everyone asked not to be named for fear for his safety.

In their dorm rooms, the female workers sleep on the floor, where one room accommodates six to 30 people. Then another worker said that they lived in an inn where the toilet did not have clean water supply.

"People who stay at the inn are always sick, be it skin allergies, chest pain and food poisoning," said another employee, a 21-year-old woman who finally quit her job at the Foxconn factory after the demonstrations.

"Initially we didn't really mind it because we thought this would be fixed later. But now it has an impact on many people," he added.

Apple and Foxconn also seem to have moved to investigate this matter, and they found that the dormitory and dining room used by the factory workers did not meet the standards.

"We have found that some dormitory accommodations and dining rooms used by workers do not meet the requirements and we are working with suppliers to ensure the fix will be implemented as soon as possible," an Apple spokesperson said.

Apple itself changed the status of the factory to 'trial' and they promised to apply strict standards that must be met before the factory can be reopened.

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