List of Super Cool Indie Games of 2021, Must Try


The presence of indie games is no less interesting than AAA presented by popular developers. Here are the 10 best indie games of 2021.

Ender Lilies is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with 2D dark fantasy. Where buried a mystery work that has been destroyed.

Valheim was developed by a team of only five people. Nevertheless, its quality has been widely acclaimed by critics, due to the lively feel of PvE and the inserted storyline.

Loop Hero is one of the Roguelikes and Roguelites games released in early 2021. Instead of fighting with various combats, this Four Quarters game features card gameplay.

This is the most emotional title that will be on the list of indie games this time. Before Your Eyes, takes advantage of the player's blinking to continue the story of Benjamin "Benny" Brynn's journey.

Maybe this game looks simple and childish. But that's the charm offered by a game made by several developers entitled Hicory: A Colorful Tale.

The next nomination for Best Indie The Game Awards was Death's Door. Players will assume the role of a crow who collects the souls of the dead.

The story in The Forgotten City is indeed about a city that has been forgotten. Players will be asked to find the ancient ruins of an underground city, which takes place 2,000 years ago.

Kena: Bridge of Spirit follows a young protagonist named Kena, a spirit guide who helps souls cross life.

Developers mix different nuances in Inscryption. Prioritizing card games, they also bring psychological horror with deckbuilding roguelike wraps, along with puzzles.

Finally, there is Unpacking, where you will be asked to open each package that contains several items, which must be arranged in predetermined places.

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