Make Online Shopping Easy, This is Tokopedia's Innovation on Android & iOS


Tokopedia, as an Indonesian technology company, continues to present a series of digital innovations through its platform. This is to make it easier for MSME partners who are developing businesses and buyers, including users of the Android and iOS operating systems.

The resulting digital innovation cannot be separated from the role of young Indonesian digital talents. For example, Rico Harisin and Tonito as Tokopedia's Head of Engineering, two Nakama (as Tokopedia employees) were involved in the Tokopedia application development process from scratch.

"We look at user behavior in shopping by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data management technology to provide a personalized experience to be relevant to the needs of each user," said Rico who is responsible for developing the Tokopedia Android application in a written statement. , Wednesday (15/12/2021).

Thanks to the collaboration of Rico and the team, Android users can take advantage of various features, including Dark Mode, Chromecast Support, Voice Assistant to NFC, which allows users to buy and update electronic money card balances more easily and quickly on Tokopedia.

To provide a more comfortable shopping experience, Rico and his team also introduced Picture in Picture technology which allows users to watch content on the Tokopedia PLAY streaming video channel while shopping on the Tokopedia platform at the same time.

"There is also Dynamic Features where the Tokopedia application will only download features that users actually use. This feature can save Android device storage space, reducing the average application size by 27%, from 49.9MB to 36MB," added Rico.

Meanwhile, Tonito, who is responsible for developing the Tokopedia iOS application from scratch, also said that he continues to improve personalization and recommendations in the application.

"Tokopedia continues to improve personalization and recommendations, digital payment methods and delivery systems tailored to the changing habits and needs of Indonesian consumers, especially in the midst of the pandemic," he said.

"One of our latest innovations, namely the Voice Over feature, makes it easier for blind Tokopedia users to use the Tokopedia application, both in meeting their daily needs to creating online business opportunities, especially in the midst of a pandemic," added Tonito.

Through the Tokopedia Widget on iOS 14 presented by Tonito and his team, users can feel the ease of accessing the main Tokopedia page without having to open the application. Now, users can access the Tokopedia application directly from their Apple Watch.

In addition, there are also various features such as In App Events iPad Layout Optimization, NFC, to Shared Shopping which provides a shopping experience through FaceTime while sharing application usage with friends.

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