Mizu Stormbound Bundle Collection at the Faded Wheel Free Fire Event


Garena Indonesia presents a variety of new items, at the Faded Wheel event for Free Fire players. This time, the event that players can find in Luck Royale is back with the Mizu Stormbound Bundle.

Taking place from today, Sunday, December 19, 2021, the Faded Wheel arrives in the Mizu Stormbound Bundle as a new gift. Not only that, there are various prizes that can be found in the game.

Stormbound Mizu is a Japanese-themed Bundle, which is intended for female characters in this Battle Royale made by Garena Indonesia. Players will find a Bundle which is dominated by blue, and cute looking pigtails.

To get it in the Faded Wheel event, players can have it by doing Spin. However, before that Survivors will be required to remove two of the total 10 prizes available in the Faded Wheel event.

Deleted rewards can be items that you don't want to get. By separating the two 2 prizes that they don't want to get, players have a chance to get the Mizu Stormbound Bundle at a bigger bargain price.

In addition, which is the main offering, there are several other prizes that gamers can have, such as a Gun Skin Box and also a Pet Box. It just depends on how many Spins are issued.

The first spin is priced at 9 Diamonds, so if players are lucky, the Mizu Stormbound Bundle can be owned by only removing 9 Diamonds.

In addition to the prizes displayed in the Faded Wheel, you can also collect other milestones from the number of Spins made. Where in the form of a series of Luck Royale Vouchers, which can be used for certain Spin Luck Royale for free.

Only present for a short time. Let's have the Mizu Stormbound Bundle right away, which comes with this Japanese theme on Free Fire!

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