Rich Thanks to Bitcoin, This Man Is Not Even Happy

There are quite a few stories of someone becoming rich thanks to investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, especially if you bought them in the past. But this man was not happy because of the wealth.

To the Daily Star, an investor in the UK stated that he made big profits from Bitcoin, but instead felt like he was cheating and didn't deserve it. In the past, he worked as a content creator with an income of around £25,000 per year.

He admitted that he didn't really want expensive things so the money was invested in Bitcoin in 2014. Unmitigated, he put all his money into Bitcoin.

"In the space of about a year and a half, I put almost everything I saved into Bitcoin, that my income would be sufficient in case of failure," he was quoted as saying by LAdbible.

But he reaped success as the price of Bitcoin continued to rise drastically. Even in 2017, the investment value has reached 2 million pounds in Bitcoin.

He also became prosperous. In 2019, his money reached 26 million pounds. The investor, who does not want to be named, stopped working, traveling, meeting his colleagues and starting a new hobby.

But that's when a problem arose for him. He admitted that he was less enthusiastic about investing and felt he did not deserve his large fortune.

"I was in the mental state that a lot of people went through when they were rich. I used to love my job and it brought a lot of excitement into my life, now I don't," she says.

"It's hard to recreate it with just money, nor do I feel I deserve to be financially independent and retire early," he concluded.

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