Pfizer Boss Predictions About the Corona Pandemic in the Future


Until now, the Corona pandemic has not been fully controlled, even new variants are still causing problems around the world. So, what will the situation be in the future? Global President of Pfizer Vaccines, Nanette Cocero, reveals what the forecast is.

According to him, the Corona pandemic will eventually become endemic at the earliest in 2024. This means that this virus will later experience a transition period from a global emergency situation to something that is constantly there, like the flu.

"We believe that Covid will transition into an endemic situation, potentially in 2024," he said.

COVID-19 will reach an endemic level when the population has enough immunity either from the vaccine that has been given or perhaps from a previous Corona virus infection to make transmission, death, and hospitalization controllable even though the virus is circulating.

"When and how this happens will depend on how the evolution of the disease is, how effective the vaccine community is and equitable distribution in places where vaccination is low. The emergence of new variants will also have an impact on how this Corona pandemic continues," he explained.

According to him, the transition of COVID-19 from the current pandemic situation to endemic in the future may vary in time from one location to another due to various factors.

"It looks like in the next year or two, some regions will transition to an endemic model while others will continue to be in pandemic mode," he continued.

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