Find N Becomes the First Series of OPPO's Folding Flagship Smartphones

OPPO as one of the leading technology companies introduced its first foldable flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find N. This was conveyed on the second day of the OPPO INNO DAY 2021 technology exhibition.

OPPO Find N is the result of four years of research through the development of six generations of prototypes. This device comes with a unique shape for all new and old users of folding smartphones.

"Currently, more and more new smartphones are designed in unique shapes. OPPO has made various development efforts over a long period of time to produce better folding smartphones. We have conducted experiments in terms of hinge, display material, and aspect. ratio to create new smartphones that are able to meet the needs of more users. With OPPO Find N, we aim to change user perceptions of the potential of folding smartphones and make them easier to reach by more people," said OPPO's Chief Product Officer, Pete Lau in a written statement. , Wednesday (15/12/2021).

OPPO Find N comes with the latest technology to create a foldable smartphone that has better quality. When folded, this smartphone will function as a small and portable device with full features. When opened, this smartphone presents a large and immersive landscape screen display.

OPPO Find N certainly comes with superior specifications. As for some of the quality specifications provided by OPPO Find N as follows:

1. Landscape Ratio

For the first time in the history of a foldable smartphone, the OPPO Find N has a landscape ratio on the inside of the screen. This smartphone has a 5.49-inch external screen that is simple and functional. When the screen is opened, the screen display has an 8.4:9 aspect ratio and automatically activates landscape mode which is perfect for watching videos, playing games, or reading books without having to rotate the device.

2. Curved Hinge

The Flexion Hinge (curved hinge) on OPPO Find N brings together 136 components with extreme precision down to 0.01 mm. Flexion Hinge can move smoothly which also acts as a support when the screen is folded. So that the curve on the screen is not too visible until. In addition, Flexion Hinge also eliminates gaps between the screens when folded so that the display is more integrated and protects the inner screen from scratches.

3. Flexform Mode

FlexForm mode on OPPO Find N brings flexibility to users. OPPO has adjusted the device's user interface to be more compatible with the Music, Notes, and Camera apps. Because this phone can stand alone, it functions as a tripod that makes it easy to make video calls, join online meetings, or record 4K HD time-lapse videos, without having to hold the device.

4. Soothing Look

OPPO Find N comes with 12 layers of Serene Display which provides excellent protection and durability. This Serene Display also synergizes with Flexion Hinge perfectly to make the device fold smoothly. The OPPO Find N screen consists of a 0.03mm Flexion UTG (ultra-thin glass) layer which is smaller than normal smartphone glass. This makes the screen easy to bend but has strong durability.

OPPO has also refined the brightness and color calibration between the inside and outside display screens. Both screens have 10,240 automatic brightness levels to ensure user comfort in various rooms with different lighting.

5. Software Innovation

OPPO Find N comes with the latest hand-gesture feature that can perform several activities at the same time. For example, the split-screen feature and separates the screen into two different views on the right and left screens. Then change the full-screen window into a floating window. There is also a split keyboard feature for typing and increasing productivity while working.

6. Camera

OPPO Find N is equipped with three flagship cameras. The camera is a 50 MP Sony IMX 766 main sensor, a 16 MP ultra-wide lens and a 13 MP telephoto lens, as well as a selfie camera on the inside and outside screens.

There is also a device imaging technology that has three templates, namely light trails, night sky, sun & clouds to optimize the display of photos and videos. The split-camera user interface on OPPO Find N allows users to use the large inner screen to take photos using one side of the screen.

OPPO Find N Photo: OPPO

7. Ergonomic Design

OPPO Find N is the first to use a 3D curved design on the two outer edges of the device for a more comfortable grip and sleek look. The back cover and rear camera module continue the curved design of the Find X3. While the Gorilla Glass Victus back panel and ceramic camera plate combine an elegant design with a charming finish. OPPO Find N comes in three different colors namely black, white, and purple.

Those are the specifications of the first folding smartphone that OPPO introduced. OPPO's latest smartphone introduced on this INNO DAY 2021 will be available in the Chinese market on December 23, 2021.

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