Amazing Spider-Man: No Way Home, Beware of Spoilers on Social Media


Spider-Man: No Way Home starts airing today, Wednesday (15/12/2021) worldwide. The spiderman's action immediately shocked netizens, but be careful checking social media, many spoilers were posted.

Spider-Man: No Way Home still stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Not only facing slander as the murderer of Mysterio, Peter must be confused with the discovery of his identity as Spider-Man.

He then asked Dr Strange for help to solve the problem earlier. Instead of being resolved, it just got worse. Strange's spell draws Spider-Man's enemies from other universes.

Not just one, Peter must face five enemies at once. Efforts must also be made to return the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard and Electro to their respective universes.

Peter's action amazed netizens all over the world, what's more, director Jon Watts gave many unexpected surprises. Inevitably the hashtag #SpiderManNoWayHome topped Twitter's trending topic.

As we monitored, the hashtag #SpiderManNoWayHome skyrocketed on Twitter's trending topic with 34,300 Tweets. Everything was filled with admiration and reactions after watching the film for the first time.

The following is a summary of the reactions of netizens in the country after watching Spider-Man No Way Home. Relax... spoiler free.


— Rizky Fauzan Rahim (@ryzkifauzan) December 15, 2021

It would be the perfect ending to Peter Parker's teenage years, and would be the opening for a new series and a link with other Marvel superheroes.


Avoid spoilers for the perfect viewing experience #NoWayHome #SpiderMan #SpiderManNowWayHome

— @OOarief (@OOarief) December 15, 2021

The best superhero movie of the year. And one of the best Spider-Man movies of all time. Made a roller coaster throughout the film. One studio clapping, laughing and sad alternately. That's the hype. So happy while watching and after 😂😂😭😭 #SpiderManNowWayHome

— Ghifari (@ghfrhmn) December 15, 2021


— (@yanrpr) December 15, 2021

It's crazy, this movie is above expectations


A fitting film to close the Year 2021 #NoWayHome #SpiderManNowWayHome #SpiderMan

— RAF1F (@GintingRafif) December 15, 2021

I've never seen a movie like this. Good luck, lots of comedy. My favorite scene in the Spiderman movie is added to this film. It's a must watch, especially if you like spiderman, you'll be happy after watching #SpiderMan #SpiderManNowWayHome

— Bani (@mahaasin32) December 15, 2021

Those of you who have watched it, you can give your comments, but please don't spoilers. Oh yeah, for those of you who haven't watched it, don't miss the two exciting videos in the post credit title Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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