Twitter Launches Auto Captions For Videos

 Not all social media users have good hearing, even from birth there are hearing limitations. This also makes it difficult for them to watch a video.

Considering that there is now a lot of content in the form of videos on social media. Likewise, Twitter also announced the launch of a new feature, namely captions or automatic captions for videos in real time.

This means any video uploaded to Twitter will be captioned automatically. This feature will be available globally on Android, iOS and web devices in multiple languages.

Note, however, that this auto-caption feature will only be available for videos that have just been uploaded to Twitter. Which means older videos won't support the feature.

In addition, Twitter also said there was no way for users to report if the text that appeared was wrong or inaccurate. But in the future Twitter. will improve its accessibility features

While primarily an accessibility feature, this auto caption feature can also be useful if the user wants to just watch the video without playing the sound.

Twitter has previously had a poor history of accessibility features despite efforts to improve its capabilities.

Even Twitter was heavily criticized for launching voiceless tweets back in 2020 and it was revealed that Twitter did not have a dedicated accessibility team at the time.

Twitter eventually formed two teams to focus on accessibility and adding text to voice tweets, even though it's more than a year after they first launched.

Twitter is also adding automatic captions to Spaces, an audio room product similar to Clubhouse.

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