Ready to Shop! Clothes Are Not For You, But Your Metaverse Avatar


Ready to explore the Metaverse? To make it look better, of course, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money for a chic appearance in it. In the future, chances are, more people will fill their virtual wardrobes than their real clothes because: The Metaverse is here.

More and more business companies are realizing that their presence is needed to make the feel of the Metaverse even more real. In the annual 'State of Fashion: McKinsey & Company and The Business of Fashion' reports, industry leaders talk about this.

"There will be more and more 'second worlds' where you can express yourself (but) there may be an underestimation of the value inherent in individuals wanting to express themselves in the virtual world with virtual products, (through) virtual personas," said the Chief Marketing Officer. Gucci's Robert Triefus in the report.

It's not a new thing to shop for clothes or skins. Video game companies are the ones that often provide attractive outfit options for redeemed users for better avatars. Several giant fashion players have started to take advantage of the gaming market.

In 2019, Louis Vuitton designed skins for League of Legends, and this year Nike and Ralph Lauren are offering avatar accessories through the virtual world development platform Roblox. In the Zepeto game, there are many clothes and accessories offered from Gucci, Zara, Adidas and various clothes worn by K-Pop idols in their music videos (MV).

So, are you ready to dress up your avatar in the Metaverse? That's according to CNN.

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