Rows of Features in the Chimeraland Game, What are they?


Chimeraland, an open world and massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, will be released in early 2022. What are the features and gameplay?

Since pre-registration was opened on December 16, Level Infinite - the developer of this game - claims that there have been 300 thousand registrants within 10 days, both on PC, Android, and iOS.

Chimeraland itself is an open world game, where players can explore the world of Chimeraland covering an area of ​​4,000 square kilometers, which includes four continents, oceans, and oceans.

Players can also develop creativity and imagination while playing, such as creating mythological animals or building houses in this game. So, what should be considered before playing this game?

Create a character

Before starting the game, players need to create characters of various races (from humans to animals) and ages. After selecting a race and age, players can proceed to the process of shaping and adjusting facial features.

Before continuing, the appearance and settings of this character can be previewed to make sure it is the way you want it.

Riding pets

There are three types of pets: rides, followers, and companions. As long as they are visible on the map, almost any animal can be captured as a rideable pet, whose main function is as a means of transportation and can also help in battle.

Animals can be seen and caught everywhere. From ordinary beasts to beasts of thousands of years old, players can use traps to catch them and serve as mounts. Of course, catching also depends on luck.

The biggest use of temporary pets is to swallow opposing animals and add limbs to permanent pets.

For example, a normal horse will have thick elephant legs, a cute deer head, dominant eagle wings, a poisonous scorpion tail, etc. - make it a unique pet!

Map exploration

Click the upper left corner of the game interface to open the map. Drag the zoom option in the lower right corner to adjust the map scale, and the positioning options can set the navigation destination.

Areas that have not been included in the map are currently showing no details. Unexplored areas will show a question mark. Once the area with the question mark is explored, the appropriate icon will appear.

While exploring the huge spherical world 'Chimeraland', players can fly deep into space and through the sky to travel in outer space, where there are many small planets and star beasts. Can also choose to build a house on a space planet, settle in outer space.

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