The Cool Scylla character is back in Call of Duty: Mobile

 It doesn't feel complete if you've played in snow-themed modes and maps, but the characters used don't match the theme. Now, this time, not a robot, not a dashing character, but Scylla is back for all of us in Call of Duty: Mobile. Let's take a peek at her appearance

Scylla - Sleigher

The ideal character of these soldiers, visited the Battle Royale game with his cool legend weapon, namely QXR. The weapon that was once the talk and favorite of all the soldiers, is back with a thematic skin that is perfect for use.

Especially when paired with the beautiful yet cute Scylla, in the costume she uses. Starting today, players can already get these two items and even others are also presented in the draw.

Some of the ones that are presented are calling card legend, epic parachute, axe, and QQ9 epic that you can use. Because the event is available for a very limited time, so don't miss the second chance.

So that you can play using this character. Because if it's too late, it's very difficult to come back you know.

For Call of Duty: Mobile's newest mode, Snowball Scuffle, presents a game of throwing snow. No need to worry, because it is not difficult at all. Where you will be divided into two teams and you can only throw snowballs at the enemy.

If you manage to get the most points from throwing snow, then you are the winner in the game. Players will know if the ball hits the enemy, when the opponent becomes a snowman.

After being transformed, you must bring the doll to your zone to earn points.

Uniquely, in this mode there are various gift boxes that you can use to get buffs in the game. In addition, if the snowballs in your zone are increasing, then the snowballs will also increase the stock of weapons.

Curious about what will come next? look forward to more fun and more information only on the official Instagram and Facebook Garena Call of Duty: Mobile.

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