This is the Product Ecosystem Supporting OPPO Reno6 Series 5G

 Technological developments make smartphones that were previously just a communication tool into a device needed in everyday life. To support this, device developers not only produce smartphones, but also other gadgets that support the performance of the smartphone.

With a smartphone as the control center, gadgets such as true wireless stereo (TWS), smartwatch, and smartband can be connected in a multi-device connection. Of course, the multi-device will work even better if each component is produced by the same developer.

An example is the OPPO product ecosystem which consists of interconnected devices. This makes it easier for users to carry out their daily activities. Curious about what devices are in the OPPO product ecosystem? Read on in the following article.

1. OPPO Enco W51

Earphones have become tiny devices that accompany people in their daily activities, from listening to music, watching videos, playing games, to meetings. OPPO Enco W51 is the right choice to maximize your daily activities.

This OPPO's first wireless headset features noise cancellation that can reduce unwanted noise, Qi Wireless Charging which makes it can be used anytime and anywhere, and IP54 certification which makes Enco W51 water and dust resistant. Plus its small and light design, OPPO Enco W51 is ready to accompany you in any activity.

2. OPPO Watch

The times have made smartwatches now transformed into small personal assistants that can help users manage their daily activities. OPPO Watch is designed to support users to be more productive and do more activities in a practical and sophisticated way.

OPPO Watch does not only have the function of telling the time or setting a schedule. This smartwatch also has other advanced features such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, making mobile payments, monitoring workouts, playing music, and finding your phone when it's lost.

3. OPPO Band

This OPPO smart bracelet has advanced features to monitor the user's body condition. The OPPO Band which has been equipped with an AMOLED screen can determine the variability of oxygen levels in the blood. Through its SpO2 sensor, OPPO Band not only monitors blood oxygen levels but can also provide users with better and quality sleep habits.

OPPO Band can also be an assistant that accompanies sports activities. With 12 modes offered, sports activities are not only fun but also provide more effective results.

Of course, the ecosystem will not be complete if it is not mastered by a capable smartphone. Introducing the OPPO Reno6 Series 5G, a smartphone with various features that can be used in the latest 5G network.

The Ultra High Speed ​​Rate, Ultra High Density, and Ultra Low Latency features of the OPPO Reno6 Series 5G can easily connect various devices, both at home and in the office, so that users always feel the benefits of a smart environment wherever they are.

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream smart life come true with the OPPO product ecosystem!

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