There are many Ring Light Challenges on TikTok, here are tips for choosing the lights

 Currently, the Ring Light Challenge is going viral on TikTok. Netizens show off their muscular bodies by using a ring light. This trend also has an impact on the purchase of ring light in e-commerce.

Ring light products have entered the top five products in the Camera category for the past three weeks.

Not only used for social media purposes, ring light is also a necessity for people who are still working virtually.

Seeing the public's interest, Ekhel also shared 5 tips for choosing a ring light and other preparations to make TikTok videos more interesting.

1. Choose the Right Size and Number of LED Lights

The small ring light is just right when used for selfie needs. This is because the small ring light is easy to clip to the top of the smartphone. However, if you want a brighter and more even light, you should choose a large ring light with a size of more than 20 cm.

In addition, also pay attention to the number of LED lights on the ring light. Because it can determine the level of light.

2. Pay Attention to Supporting Accessories

Some ring lights are available with a number of supporting accessories, such as a bluetooth remote. These additional accessories should be taken into consideration before buying a ring light.

Tokopedia can be an inspiration to find various types of ring light along with other additional accessory packages, such as tripods, smartphone holders, camera holders, bags, and others.

3. Use a Portable Ring Light to be Practical

With a simple design, portable ring light is more suitable to be carried anywhere. In addition, this ring light also has a stand and support so it is more practical.

4. Pay Attention to Quality

Research before buying a ring light. We recommend that you first check the reviews from other buyers. This is to determine the level of satisfaction with the product or store.

In addition to the review column, you can also take advantage of Electronic Protection to get more comprehensive protection from the risk of damage to electronic products purchased through Tokopedia.

5. Want to be more creative? Wear locally made clothes

If you want to take part in the Ring Light Challenge, don't be careless. Try to make yourself appear total and different from other TikTok users. For example, by wearing a unique outfit by local SMEs. There is a huge selection of local fashion to be had through the local Proudly Made campaign.

"In addition to being able to look different from the others, this effort can at the same time help encourage local fashion MSME products to become the main choice of the community so that we can restore the domestic economy.

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