This is Avaros Evocs, an Advanced Mop Tool that Makes It Easy To Clean The Floor


Avaro presents Evocs, a sophisticated mop that is claimed to make it easier for users to clean floors. What capabilities do you have and how much does it cost?

Avaro Evocs can perform two cleaning activities at the same time, namely sweeping and mopping the floor. This device promises to be able to clean wet and dry dirt. And when finished, this tool can separate dry and wet dirt, making cleaning easier.

The design is designed to clean even the smallest dirt in the corner of the room. To make cleaning even easier, a rotating and movable compartment is presented.

Avaro Evocs also features an Auto Self Cleaning Mode. This feature allows the device to clean dirt automatically, with just one push of a button when the mop stick is attached to the rinsing station.

This mop weighs 2.35 kilograms and promises to be easy to operate. Users just have to activate it and the mop will run on its own without having to spend energy to push it, as is usually done with conventional mop sticks.

Interestingly in operation, Evocs do not need to be plugged into the mains. The power source comes from a 2,200 mAh battery which can provide up to 60 minutes of usage time. The charging process itself only takes about 2.5 hours.

In contrast to most room cleaners who often make noise, Avaro ensures that Evocs has minimal noise. When operated, the sound produced is only under 5dB.

Evocs has a cleaning compartment that measures 317x284x173mm which can accommodate more dirt. At the washing station there are two water tanks, one each to accommodate clean and dirty water.

"AvaroEvocsha comes with advanced technology, namely a scroll mop system and an automatic washing station that is able to clean floors and mop at the same time. Very effective, safe, comfortable, and energy efficient," said Gunadi, Sales Manager of AVARO.

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