Tesla employee shoots his co-worker to death

 There has been a suspicious death at the Tesla electric car company's factory located in Freemont, California. Police investigations finally succeeded in revealing that this case was a murder among Tesla employees themselves.

Tesla employee Anthony Solima, 29, has been arrested on suspicion of shooting one of his co-workers in the Tesla factory parking lot.

To uncover this case, the police examined the CCTV cameras that recorded the perpetrator's actions. The identity of the victim has not yet been revealed.

As quoted by CNN, the police stated that the perpetrator and the victim had an argument at the beginning of the fateful day. It is not clear what led them to fight to the point where one of them had to be killed.

Solima suddenly stopped her duties at the Tesla factory before shooting her colleague. While the victim had just finished his shift schedule.

Evidence in the form of firearms has been confiscated from Solima's vehicle. The police believe that the perpetrator carried out the action alone so that local residents do not need to worry because he has been arrested.

"Detectives immediately went to the location and carried out an investigation. They learned that the victim had just finished his job at the Tesla factory before being shot in the parking lot," police said.

"Within hours, detectives found clues about a potential suspect who was also working with the victim. Detectives found out that the two had a fight in the morning and the suspect suddenly stopped working (before shooting)," they added.

Tesla's production center in Freemont is currently the only operating Tesla plant in the United States. More than 10 thousand employees work there.

At this time, Tesla has 4 large factories commonly referred to as the Gigafactory. Locations in California, Nevada, New York, and Shanghai. Meanwhile factories in Berlin and Austin are still under construction.

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