Win Free HP from Special Events at Garena Call of Duty: Mobile


Welcome December with a special event at Garena Call of Duty: Mobile. Collaborating with OPPO 'Winter Gift Box' and 'Pinata Party'.

Playing with friends at the time of the new year, will definitely be more exciting. Because there is a new cellphone that you can get at this event. Starting on December 17, 2021, fans can get the OPPO A95 through the special 'Winter Gift Box' event.

The event lasts for approximately two weeks and will challenge both new and old players. You need to assemble three box weapons, with parts that must be obtained through completing the given mission.

When you collect OPPO tokens, which will be distributed via social media or in-game, the chance to get the latest cellphone will be even higher.

It doesn't end there, starting on January 3, there is an additional event that provides another opportunity, to be able to get the latest OPPO A95 cellphone. Where players can participate in the 'Pinata Party' event.

Players will be asked to collect shooting tokens, which can be obtained by actively playing and completing missions. Later, the tokens will be used to shoot pinatas on the peak day, January 8, 2021.

Gamers can shoot gold pinatas, where the main prize for lucky players is the OPPO A95 cellphone.

In an effort to improve the playing experience, Garena Call of Duty: Mobile always presents various interesting activities. Also includes the latest items, which of course you can get in-game.

So what are you waiting for? Put a reminder on your calendar and invite the squad to log in on December 17th. Follow the latest Call of Duty: Mobile news, through our official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social accounts.

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