This problem makes Windows 11 unsuitable for photographers


Since its release (until now), Windows 11 has had a number of issues that are quite annoying. One of them makes this operating system unsuitable (temporarily) for photographers, videographers, or photo and video editors.

Microsoft just confirmed it, and they claim to have started developing a fix. It's just that these fixes will only be released to the public in January 2022 at the earliest.

This problem in question makes a number of photo and video processing applications unable to process colors correctly on some monitors that have HDR features. As a result, the colors produced in these applications are problematic, especially in white which often appears with yellow or other colors.

According to Microsoft, this issue arose when a Win32 API related to color processing provided incorrect data. However, they ensured that not all color profile management programs were affected, for example the color profile options on the Windows 11 settings page, were not affected by this problem.

Problems that occur in Windows 11 version 21H2 will only be fixed at the end of January 2022, as quoted by Techspot, Wednesday (29/12/201).

Previously, Windows 11 also recorded a number of problems. One of the things that ever happened was a bug that made the performance of certain AMD processors decrease.

There are several bugs that reduce the performance of this AMD processor, the first is in the L3 cache which increases the latency by three times. This bug reduces processor performance between 3-5%, but in esports games the fps drop can reach 10-15%.

Then another bug is that Windows 11 can't run the 'preferred core' feature properly. This feature allows the processor and operating system to communicate, namely to provide information on which cores in the processor can provide the fastest clock speed, which is suitable for heavy use.

This bug has an impact on the performance of applications that use only a few threads to operate, although it's not clear how much of an impact it will have. According to AMD, the impact of this bug is most pronounced on processors that have eight or more cores and have a TDP above 65W.

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