3,500-year-old Pharaoh's Mummy Opened, Its Contents Makes You Curious


In 1881 ago, found the mummy of the ancient Egyptian king or Pharaoh named Amenhotep 1 which is estimated to be 3,500 years old. After a long time, the mummy was finally dismantled, though not physically but digitally with the help of technology.

Quoted from CNN, Wednesday (12/29/2021) the mummy found decorated with the wreath was apparently very fragile when found, so scientists decided not to open it. Thus, it is the only mummy of the king that has not been opened for research in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Now, with the help of sophisticated digital techniques, Egyptian scientists scanned it with computerized tomography (CT) to find out what was inside and the condition of the king's mummy.

"By opening it digitally, the mummy showed its virtual layers, both the mask, the bandages on the body, and the mummy itself. We were able to study this mummy in good condition in good detail," said Dr Sahar Saleem, professor of radiology at Cairo University.

See how the Egyptian king's mummy can be seen down to his skull with digital scans. It is revealed that king Amenhotep I was about 35 years old when he died. He is 169 cm tall and has been circumcised, his teeth are in good condition.

As for his facial profile, it was revealed that his chin was quite small, his nose was tiny, his hair was curly, and his teeth were slightly protruding. This study found no signs of injury or the like to determine what caused his death.

However, there is some damage found in the mummy of this Egyptian king, which may have been caused by tomb looters in the past.

King Amenhotep I ruled Egypt between 1525 and 1504 BC. He was the second king in the 18th Dynasty. His reign was peaceful and he built many temples.

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