Elite Pass Season 44 Free Fire Pre-order Opened, There Are Attractive Prizes!


Elite Pass always presents a variety of exclusive items in every Season of the Free Fire game. Players can find a variety of different Bundles and will never be the same from each other in this Battle Royale game by Garena.

Elite Pass Free Fire will enter Season 44 in January 2022. Where the theme is outer space, now players can pre-order in the game.

Open from today, 29 to 31 December 2021, various interesting things have been prepared, so that players can get it if they pre-order. One of them is an additional prize in the form of a Skyboard Robotic Ship.

The Robotic Ship skin is a cosmetic that will appear when players get off the plane. The appearance itself is quite interesting like an airplane from the future, complete with a fire effect behind it.

In addition, keep in mind that this Skyboard Robotic Ship skin can only be obtained if players pre-order Elite Pass Season 44. If the period has expired, players will not have the opportunity to own it.

By pre-ordering, Survivors can also get an Elite Pass cheaper than the previous one, which is 1500 Diamonds to 999 Diamonds. Plus, you can still get other rewards as usual.

Call it, there are various attractive prizes with a value of more than 10 thousand Diamonds. In addition, by pre-ordering, you also have the opportunity to have a special Nickname Badge when killing your opponent.

It doesn't stop there, in this pre-order, players can get a bonus of 50 Badges. This means that you can immediately have a female Bundle, from the Elite Pass Season 44, the Celestial Cosmopuff Bundle.

With a series of attractive offers and bonuses waiting, don't miss out on pre-ordering the Elite Pass Season 44 Free Fire. Because it will only come for a limited time.

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