Riot Games Pays USD 100 million Due to Gender Discrimination


Riot Games, a well-known developer who has developed many great titles, agreed to pay USD 100 million to its more than 2,000 employees. The amount increased from USD 10 million .

This was done to settle a lawsuit for gender discrimination, which was filed by the plaintiffs in 2018. In which the women who filed the report replaced attorneys with Genie Harrison and ruled the figures were insufficient.

Then two state agencies, namely the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement, took a closer look at this case. They said the women were entitled to more than USD 400 million, until they finally agreed on a figure of USD 100 million, quoted us from The New York Times, Wednesday (29/12/2021).

Based on the terms of the agreement, the total paid will be divided among 2,300 employees. More than 1,000 full-time workers and 1,300 contractors received USD 80 million . Meanwhile, the remaining USD 20 million  was given to lawyers and other costs.

It is known that apart from discrimination, there are also other cases such as sexual harassment and unequal wages. Kevin Kish, Director of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, said that all industries in California, including gaming, should pay the same salary.

"This includes providing a workplace free from discrimination and harassment," added Kish.

This lawsuit has been filed since November 2018 by Jessica Negron and Melanie McCracken. Both are current employees and have left Riot Games.

They submitted accusations to the game developer, where on average 80% of the workers were filled by men who discriminated against. It also includes sexual harassment, retaliation against women who speak up and promoting a "Men-First" culture.

Not only on behalf of the company, a separate lawsuit was also filed against Nicolas Laurent, CEO of Riot Games for harassment and discrimination. Conducted by a former executive assistant, where the investigation was carried out by a third party that found no evidence of wrongdoing. So that Laurent is still clinging to his current position.

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