TikTok Tests Live Studio Software for Live Streaming on PC


TikTok is reportedly testing streaming software called Live Studio. This software allows creators to broadcast TikTok Live directly from their PC or laptop.

This TikTok Live Studio test only involved thousands of users in western countries as reported by us from The Verge.

A Twitter user named @zachbussey shared several screenshots showing the appearance and features of the TikTok Live Studio software.

Tiktok has quietly launched its own streaming software called TikTok Live Studio. #StreamerNews

— Zach Bussey (@zachbussey) December 15, 2021

The features presented are still considered standard such as portrait or landscape options and other video settings during live broadcasts. In addition users can view footage from games, individual programs, mobile devices and cameras.

There is also a Live Chat feature that allows creators to communicate with their audience. In the Live Chat section, there are options such as Live gifts, comments, and keyword filters that can be adjusted according to the creator's wishes.

It's unknown whether TikTok will expand Live Studio testing to multiple creators or release it officially. However, if this software is released, many think this will be TikTok's new strategy.

Instead of focusing on live broadcasts from mobile devices, this TikTok Live Studio software could be a new way to reach more desktop users.

Especially if TikTok Live Studio includes a lot of game streaming content so that it can compete with Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

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