Moonton Holds Women's Mobile Legends Tournament, Total Prize of USD 15 thousand


Moonton Games announced that it is ready to hold a Mobile Legends competition for women. Titled Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational (MWI), this tournament offers a total prize pool of up to USD 15 thousand .

“We are excited to kick off 2022 with an important event like MWI, and we are excited to partner with ONE Esports to bring this tournament to life,” said Lucas Mao, Managing Director Global Esports, Moonton Games, in a statement received by us.

In collaboration with ONE Esports Singapore, MWI itself will be held online. Fans can start watching it on 27 - 30 January 2022, where the match format follows the Mobile Legends: Bang bang Southeast Asia Cup tournament.

The plan is to have invited teams from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Including teams, such as Bren Esports, OMEGA Esports, IDNS Princess, IDNS Elsa, Impunity Starlets and many more.

A total of 10 teams will be divided into two groups, namely A and B. The placement will be done randomly. Then the ranking in the group will be determined, from the total accumulated points from each match and the top four will proceed to the Playoffs.

This competition is a competitive platform to empower female professional players. To encourage them to show skills, not as female players, but as individuals.

"I've been playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from season three. It's been almost five years now. MWI is a great opportunity for player ladies, who want to start a career in the world of esports," Winda Earl of GPX Ladies.

He added that this prestigious event was his dream come true. Enables Winda to show the world that women can also thrive in the esports scene, become professional players, have achievements and have values.

According to research By One Esports, the women's esports and gaming community is one of the fastest growing segments. This is due to the widespread development of mobile devices and the skyrocketing video streaming market. It is even recorded that female fans control 49% of the game market and this ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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