Tips for Safe Electronic Shopping at Online Stores Near the End of 2021

 Towards the end of the year, various online or e-commerce stores will certainly offer items with attractive promos. Of course this is very tempting, especially for people who want to buy new their electronic devices, such as HP.

This is inseparable from the convenience offered by the internet. So that shopping online becomes a habit that can make the buying and selling process more efficient. Where there is no need to bother leaving the house and going to the destination.

However, along with the increasing popularity of online shopping activities, experts have warned the owners of buying and selling sites to increase their vigilance. Because the risk of cyber attacks is also increasing at this time.

As information received by Kmai from Dell Technologies, Wednesday (12/29/2021), there are several simple steps to make the online shopping process more comfortable. Let's look at the following tips.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

First of all, first make sure the url of the site you are visiting. The link address must use https://.

Second, always use a website from a reputable brand that already has a pretty good track record, is well known and trusted.

Third, don't forget to avoid buying using computers and public Wi-Fi. Why? Because it is possible that malicious software has been inserted and the connection is not secure.

Fourth, you must also have a strong password/passphrase. If you can combine numbers, letters and special characters.

Fifth, never reuse or recycle passwords. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) whenever possible.

Finally, I want to remind you not to click on suspicious links.

So, for those of you who want to buy a new and cheap cellphone, and are confused about making a choice, you can listen to the discussion that has been summarized by our team.

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