Tips for Selling Online on the Shopee Marketplace

 In the midst of a pandemic, online selling businesses are getting a lot of attention, for example at Shopee. Competing with many stores, how do you make online sales sell and create big profits?

The business of selling online has been loved by many people over the last few years since the emergence of several marketplaces and social media. Not a few traders who previously only relied on shops and went directly to the field, have now switched to online stores.

Tips or how to sell online is certainly not easy. Must be with careful preparation and planning for the products to be marketed. Here are a few steps to help you start an online business.

1. Determine the product to be sold

Before starting to sell, of course, we must know in advance what products we want to sell. You can choose homemade products or products made by other people (resellers) to market. If you choose to market your own products, then you can freely determine what the product will look like and at the same time learn about marketing management. What needs to be considered is the quality of the product and the branding of new brands being marketed.

If you choose to sell products made by other people online, you don't have to bother thinking about how to brand products and choose raw materials. You just need to find a supplier who is willing to lend your product first, so you can start selling online without any capital.

2. Set a reasonable price

Quoted from, the easiest strategy in determining prices is to look at competitors. If you want to sell quickly, you can use a discount or discount strategy but still consider profits. Don't hesitate to set a price that may be higher if you think the product being sold is of better quality than similar products.

3. Determine the target market

After determining the product and price, the next step is to determine the market. Because you use an online system, you can of course reach a wider market. Even though it has a wide reach, you also have to pay attention to the target market according to the product!

4. Opening an online shop

To set up an online store, you can choose a personal website or use personal social media. You can also register on various applications that offer e-commerce. There are many e-commerce applications that you can use, for example Shopee. Management is also quite easy and efficient.

5. Promotion

Product promotion can be done through personal social media. You can start promoting the product with your closest friends or relatives. Through social media, you can also start looking for online communities that are enthusiastic about the types of products being sold as references. Take advantage of the features available in e-commerce to make your products more well-known. Make sure the promotion is done with careful calculations so that it doesn't actually make a loss.

6. Looking for relationships

So that the business can grow, try to find relationships that are in the same field. That way you have someone who can be invited to consult with each other on business issues and can be used as a mentor. Of course, to make him a mentor, choose someone who is more experienced in the field or selling the product.

7 Do an evaluation

Business evaluation in online sales is also very important to do. By evaluating your business, you can find out what you are missing and what you are doing right. You can also add new strategies if you have unsatisfactory evaluation results.

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