Want an easy Online Business? These are the Differences in WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line Features


The instant application platform is relied on to run business, both with partners and with customers. This is the difference in the features of WhatsApp, Telegram and Line to develop an online business.

The COVID-19 pandemic creates new challenges in running a business in various parts of the world. During the pandemic, business actors are encouraged to be adaptive and innovative in order to continue their business.

To encourage business performance, not a few have launched marketing strategies on social media and instant messages, starting from WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line.

In the world of online business, these three platforms are commonly used by business actors to sell and promote their business. Be it WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line offer different features that are expected to be a solution to bring money in their business.

For example, placing product advertisements on instant messaging applications to interacting directly with buyers through the private chat feature.

However, on the other hand, with so many instant messaging platforms, business people may find it difficult to determine which platform is the right one for their online business.

Now, to make it easier for online business entrepreneurs, these are the differences in the features of WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line in developing an online business:

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