The 10 Most Popular Esports Tournaments Throughout 2021


Even though the presence of COVID-19 is still haunting, the fans of esports events throughout 2021 are increasing. It is evident from the competition that was held, able to attract millions of gamers around the world.

As quoted by us from Esports Charts, Monday (12/27/2021), there are 10 tournaments that have the highest number of spectators. Where the prestigious event is dominated by mobile gaming platforms, such as Free Fire World Series Singapore, PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 or M3 World Championship.

As for those from PC games such as The International 10 or PGL Major Stockholm. For a complete list, fans can listen to the following description.

1. Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore

This prestigious event has up to 5.4 million Peak Viewers. Become the highest record of esports competition events around the world.

The game, which was developed and launched by Garena, is very popular in several countries including India, Brazil and Indonesia. Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore itself managed to lead the top as the most popular esports tournament.

2. World Championship League of Legends

It managed to grab the attention of 4.01 million pairs of eyes. This was obtained in the final match between EDward Gaming and DWG KIA.

Making it a record as the highest competition compared to other PC games. Including beating The International 10 and PGL Major Stockholm.

3. PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0

The third place is PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Season 0. The organizers managed to get 2.8 million Peak Viewers on the first day of the final.

Tencent PUBG Corporation has also prepared a total prize of USD 2 million for the winner, Nova Esports, the representative team of China. While Bigetron Red Aliens is ranked fifth.

4. M3 World Championship

The highest title in Mobile Legends, the M3 World Championship, took the fourth place. With the number of Peak Viewers up to 3.19 million.

This figure was won in the playoffs between Onic PH vs RRQ Hoshi. But unfortunately, Albert and his friends had to be eliminated to the lower bracket, after losing to Onic PH.

5. M2 World Championship

Next comes the M2 World Championship competition. The Grand Finals between Bren vs BG, attracted an audience of more than 3 million Peak Viewers.

This is the second Mobile Legends tournament at the world level after the M1 World Championship. The prizes offered also have more amounts than before, which is USD 300 thousand

6. PGL Major Stockholm

The sixth place from desktop games, namely Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Titled PGL Major Stockholm, the fierce match between G2 vs Navi has more than 2.7 Peak Viewers.

The tournament alone has an impressive 71 million Hours Watched. The event was held offline, with a total prize pool of USD 2 million.

7. The International 10

As is well known, this competition can be said to have the largest total prize pool in the world. However, its popularity is still inferior to mobile games such as Free Fire or Mobile Legends.

They are in seventh place, with a total of 2.74 Peak Viewers. He got it in the Final match between PSG LGD vs Team Spirit. Where the champion was successfully hooked up by Team Spirit and brought a prize of Rp. 253 billion.

8. MPL ID Season 8

For the eighth place, there is MPL ID Season 8, where the highest number of spectators was obtained from the Onic Esports vs Evos Legends playoff match. The numbers are good enough to touch 2.39 million Peak Viewers.

This is a local competition that is able to compete with other world-class tournaments. As previously mentioned, there are FFWS, World Championship, PMGC, M3 to The International 10.

9. MLBB Southeast Asia Cup

The MLBB Southeast Asia Cup was attended by teams from various countries, from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The prize offered is USD 150 thousand .

Held from 7 - 13 June 2021, they recorded a record audience of 2.28 million. Obtained from the match between Evos vs Execration.

10. Mid-Season Invitational

Finally, there is the League of Legends tournament, Mid-Season Invitational 2021. Collecting 1.53 million Peak Viewers from the Royal Never Give Up vs DWG KIA match.

Riot Game, as the organizer, has prepared a USD 250 thousand prize. Which took place from 6 to 23 May.

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